Report Concludes Cuomo Sexually Harassed Multiple Female Staffers


Long awaited report on governor andrew cuomo and his And charges of sexual harassment is out and it is blistering. I don't think this ends well for governor cuomo. I don't think he'll be governor of the state of new york that law. This long anticipated report about the behavior of new york governor andrew cuomo along ago former client of mine. I should add for editorial integrity are will amex's even more interesting than we can get your so you guys carry the conversation. The headline is Cuomo sexually harassed current and former state employees creating a hostile work environment for women in violation of state and federal law. According to the attorney general latisha james. So what does it mean for cuomo. Who's up for reelection next year. Well here's my question. David especially since you were for the thing that surprises me about all this is that it seems to have been a pattern of behavior for a long time and a lot of it. How did he is. How did he skate this for so long. I did not see that particular behavior. I mean he can be tough on people around him. There's no doubt about it. I didn't see that particular behavior then. And i don't know if his behavior changed you're right. It was over a long period of time. When i worked for him. He was running for attorney general in the state but also times have changed and so people are more willing to come forward. It takes a lot to come forward. The interesting thing is this report. Gibbs was something that cuomo asked for ryan he asked for it because he was under siege ended bought him some time. The question is now that it's here is to borrow a phrase is time up it is and i'll tell you your question about how affect his reelection is moot. There won't be a re-election you think he won't even run give. I think he'll be impeached rather

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