UK energy crisis: Government races to avert food shortages


The soaring cost of gas in the UK is creating a chain of events which is resulting in the closure of fertilizer factories and could potentially create massive supply problems in the food industry so we Davies with the national pig association says a lack of CO two is a big problem on farms we will be a couple of weeks away from being forced to cull perfectly healthy animals all farm and by the caucuses in the big picture farmer Richard Lister says a lack of CO two creates other problems if your business is losing money and you having to lay people off it's that you have when you last in bed on the night you can't sleep it's a crisis Andrew Opie with the British retail consortium says there's still a few days for the government to get it right and sort this out they're going to get all the dark side pocket valuable for everybody and they go to prioritize the suit production industry government ministers have met with the company producing most of the U. K. CO two supply I'm at Donahue

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