Questions continue on $16B back bay flood plan in NJ


One of the most ambitious and expensive flood control projects in any US state could eventually change the way the Jersey Shore looks and operates during a storm the back bays of the Jersey Shore hit hard by flooding during superstorm sandy but a proposed sixteen billion dollar plan to address flooding is raising concerns the proposal calls for construction of huge gates across the miles of three inlets in New Jersey that could be slam shot when a major storm approaches officials with the US army corps of engineers held an online hearing Monday night they said the plan could prevent one point six billion dollars with the storm damage every year when fully constructed but officials didn't have detailed answers on some concerns including where the water would go during storms and the impact it might have on the environment participants asked what would happen to the water levels near the structures there's no guarantee of funding for the massive project which would run from Neptune in Monmouth County all the way to the state southern tip in Cape May New Jersey I'm Jennifer king

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