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Ghostly i'm your host pat and rebecca so we are breaking the mold of grossly today. We usually put out episodes every other week while this time. We're putting one out on a weekly basis in. We're gonna be doing that all throughout october. When we're talking about haunted castles it's spooky season guys do is so this is a bonus episode. This we're gonna we're gonna be playing some interviews. That did while we were at the raf house. Yeah it's the part to now promised absolutely now there have been people By people. I mean one person that said that i never go out to these spooky places that i'm afraid to go out to these spooky. Oh they called you out. They did they did. They called me out but they can't say it anymore. Because i went to raf house. Yeah we we went This past weekend for the whole day We were outside. It was beautiful and we had a lot of people. Come and take tours of the roth house. Yes and investigate. Yeah a lot of locals were there. I was actually really surprised. Yeah absolutely a lot of people were familiar with the story. Others were were not There were a lot of vendors there. Yeah the spell selling spooky stuff kinda spooky staff okay. So there were we g boards. I wanted to get one. Yeah they were really cute. They were like little like made out of like like stone gems and it was really cool. there was a handle. There was one candles like She would custom make candles for you. i you know i had when i got some Kind of some skis for some friends of mine. I bought There was also a photographer. There i got. I don't know. I get suckered in by the shopping but i did. I some Some photos wait. There's the photographer's name was four. Well no. That was not the photographer that i purchased There was a photographer named tho- photographer name or their photographing the event Come on yeah. That's like a perfect event. It was for new more weight. Saving the best for last year was also a vendor that may dow close all my god had dolls from styles is so bob. If you're dolls are in need of some new outfits We've got someone for you. Look a little refresher outfit. A yeah exactly. I'm sure it wouldn't bother them at all. Yeah to have their clothes changed. No not at all. I mean. I'm sure i mean the spooky doll's need nice clothes. Exactly it's like ev- everybody needs nice new clothes So yeah we. We did We talked to a lot of people. I would like to say before i forget that rebecca does In her interview that i did with her she did say that. The mother's name was lillian. Ooh yes either is no no. There's no lillian a mess that up. You remember what the name is. Now debra debra assets. Labral was the mother's name k. So when rebecca says lillian she means deborah. Yes and i say what sika wrong a few times in this thing. So just so you know You know just around the fly. There is no retakes but yeah we went out there. We set up a table. We set up our equipment. We add a pa system going. We did interviews. With a lot of people we were right next to the ghostbusters of springfield. Shout out to them Ian i hope you're feeling better in Did not show up to the event. He is one of the ghostbusters of springfield because his family got cold bed. Yeah he will. They were not feeling wells are so was to make it so he sent steve ghostbuster steve with him and i talked to steve the whole entire day. It was great The the car that they had the echo one ax Was amazing right. Yeah all the kids loved it so and he would play. The ghostbusters theme must have heard that. Like two hundred times during during this event But you know what. I didn't get tired. I was just going to say. Unfortunately i think we're from the generation where that song it's just comfort food like sierra it all day. It's not a problem. I sang along in the morning saying along the afternoon sang along in the evening. It's not a problem. Yeah so in this episode. You're going to hear interviews with Some people that went into the house. You're also going to hear an interview with jack jack chavez yeah one of our favorites And he might be coming up in the future episode.

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