A highlight from Meet My MOM! Momma Lee Spills The Beans On Parenting An ADHD/Neurodiverse Child + My Most Embarrassing Moment.

Rich Bitch


You were exactly the same person at three years old and ten years old that you are. Now you always just showed up like unapologetically marched into a room. You just showed up as yourself always. Oh my lanta. My mom is on the show today. You asked for me. So i'm giving you mom me and my mom is by far one of my favorite humans on this planet. She is truly my earth angel. She is hilarious. Witty honest hard working. Funny loving quirky super frigging weird and you know it was interesting during this conversation with my mom. I brought her on to ask about parenting children. Who have adhd and what she did and any tips that she has for other moms. Who are struggling with this right now and who are looking for natural alternatives. Other than ritalin and adderall and so many of you have children who have adhd and you said andrew. Bring your mom on. I'm curious to learn more. So that is why she is on the show today. But you know what's interesting is when i got off this call with her. I realized that not only am i so grateful that she was so patient and creative with my crazy neuro diverse. Add brain but more than anything. I am so grateful that my mom has always allowed me to be me and she's always been such a champion for my authenticity and such a cheerleader. In whatever it is. I wanted to do or whoever it is. I wanted to be. And i'm just gonna keep. Don't edit this out it's real. I don't know my periods thirty. Or i don't

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