GOP's McCarthy Warns Tech Companies Not to Accept Records Request From Jan. 6 Committee


Committee. That is investigating the insurrection attack on the capital on january. Sixth wants the phone records from some pro. Insurrectionist republicans from that day and now minority leader. Kevin mccarthy and fellow republicans are lashing out earlier. This week bipartisan. select committee. Told thirty five. Private tech companies including apple facebook google and major cellphone carriers to preserve phone records which may be relevant to its investigation. Response mccarthy issued a pretty transparent threat to punish those same companies warning quote. A republican majority will not forget. And so we're left with scenario. Republicans don't seem willing to argue the merits of the case sort of brushing aside instead relying on this. Frankly thuggish rhetoric throwing out even the pretense of reasonable discourse order debate about the law in favor of just sheer intimidation. Politics and served as associate counsel during president barack obama's first term. He's the co founder and executive director of the nonprofit protect democracy which is working to combat the country's slide towards torturing him and he joins me. Now i have to say. I was even by the standards of our era i was. I was pretty shocked by that. Threat that just explicit threat in that kevin mccarthy statement. There's lots of folks saying that itself should trigger some kind of ethics investigation that it itself violate certain codes of conduct reaction to seeing. I think it's worse an ethics violation Mccarthy essentially did is something that i've been calling autocratic capture which is when authoritarian government actors. Us government power to bully private businesses and being their political allies. In this that political lackeys. It's something the mubarak regime did an egypt for decades. It's what vladimir. Putin doesn't russia. It's what talk carlson's hero Doesn't hungry it's not a dynamic that any american ceo should want to take hold here and if they give into this behavior. they're going to embolden. So i think what american private sector needs to be talking about is forming a lehto article five like mutual defense that if autocratic politicians gonna come after one come after all of them led mccarthy take on the entire american private sector.

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