Cold Laser Therapy: A Health Revelation With Dr. Kirk Gair

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You define cold laser therapy or so. We look at at at cold laser therapy. That means it's non-thermal because there are some lays out there that are thermal. There's some high powered ones that work by heating up the tissue low level lasers. They've been used since the nineteen sixties. And they're really pioneered in the former soviet union where there was so much research by nineteen seventy four that the russians were using them in their state-sponsored Medical care so they're using them for every branch of medicine basically even if it was. Obgyn if it was a oncology neurology orthopedics because they were able to see that it can help people to heal much faster. By the way the laser actually stimulate. Some changes will be called photo biochemical changes so the easiest way to think about lasers. Let's start with plants. Let's look at photosynthesis so you've gotta plants leaf and when sunlight hits the plant's leaf. They will absorb the photons of energy. Sounds like star trek but it absorbs photons and then the plant will convert that into food through photosynthesis so that's one simple way that living organisms can use light in humans when sunlight hits us. We can't make food but we can absorb that energy and make vitamin d that goes throughout the body in order to cause you to me stronger bones or affect the immune system and inflammation or the sunlight can cause you make me Melon for a suntan melatonin for your sleep wake cycles and for some people. They can't even get seasonal affective disorder. Where if they don't get enough light they can get depressed so we know that our bodies are already light reactive now. What happens when we get laser on the skin. You're not gonna make food or vitamin d or a melanin. But you're gonna make some other molecules that have a really powerful impact. One of the primary ones is you're going to make atp which is made in the mitochondria and so you have listeners. Who have autoimmune conditions fibromyalgia. Very common especially in females Where they have issues with their mighty country. The laser supports that by helping it to make extra energy extra. Atp and that can affect every single on your body brain cells as

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