Ohio State Buckeyes QB Quinn Ewers Has NIL Deal for $1.4 Million


Quinn years yesterday signed with a marketing company. Think it is a three year deal. I think but it's one point. Four million so is african about a half a million a year and he doesn't have to fly around and do a bunch of commercials. he's also got he got sign. Autographs started you said again. Cj stroud he is a freshman. Okay so richard. Just as freshman has to be but he was on campus. Last year he was he was there last year. And look at it but this list. Just reheat away. They might not be listed the regardless. He's got two years to start if he holds a job. Which may mean when yours doesn't see the field for two years yet it's almost it's one point four million. He's gonna be a hell of a player they've got four guys were four or five star players in their meeting room. Yeah redshirt freshman. Cj is gonna start and you've already is the guy who's eighteen year old freshmen in in yours. Who should be a senior in high. School is making more than stroud is by a long

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