A highlight from 388 - MARJORIE


Everyone knows i'm gay right We would somebody asked me a question. Shocked the hell me met me. Wait till you hear what that is but she also taught me a lesson wants to get to it. Straight talk with ross. Kick it straight talk with raw weight. Stop the theme song enough. People people are so inspired by this theme song. You know when. I sat down. I am trained charred name for twenty four hours at a time. You know ready to play bleeding. My daughters play. And i wrote those words that theme sites straight talk with ross. Straight talk with ross. Everything cash should be and the you heard people be inspired by that. We had a rock and roll rawson. Roll version sent a shirtless ukulele version. Well we have another version. Is this so exciting. The edge of our teachers. Who do you think who do. You think was inspired by cookie. Cookie cookie balloon. No it was not ca- talk star but by the way everyone cookie on k. Com to get your cookie elephants. Assad tell you this if somebody who huby to show before she is of course the voice over are you smarter than mark. All the way from london. It's betty who expired ladies and gentlemen. I think i might change the theme song to

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