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Today. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, another August weekends in Massachusetts are usually a great time to be outside and enjoy what's left of the rest of summer. But it looks like this storm is going to have a big impact on the Commonwealth. And we really would urge everybody to do everything they can to stay home on Sunday. Now, the last time that region had a direct hit from a hurricane 30 years ago this week when Bob a category two storm Killed 17 people. Also a town hall dot com German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Moscow for talks with Vladimir Putin, as the relationship between the two countries continues to suffer the last pre pandemic meeting in Moscow, Chancellor Merkel and President Putin talked for more than three hours. Some topics haven't changed. They'll disagree about Russian backed rebels in eastern Ukraine and find common ground on North Stream two. They're incomplete. Undersea gas pipeline, which Germany's allies opposed to new issues have emerged. Afghanistan and Belarus, which has been pushing Middle Eastern migrants into the European Union in retaliation for sanctions. All this on the anniversary of the nerve agent attack on the jailed opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, who was treated in Germany. Moscow is still trying to switch the blame to Berlin that is correspondent Mike Sanders, California wildfires already causing devastation for the past three months now. Sad to say. Forecasters say the worst of the wildfires may be yet to come. More on these stories that town hall dot com. First we decide where we want to go. Then we need to know the best way to get there. I my name's Adam Barada. I'm the owner of Advantage goal with the highest rated precious metals firm in the country. We teach

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