Critical Race Theory Is the Death of Common Ground


This idea of objectivity is one of the agreed upon attributes of western society. We have now seen this this theme of my truth james. You don't know what it's like to be a black lesbian woman. Therefore i must have a lot of power and you must sit down and shut up talk about the death of objectivity and how this all ties together. So it's beyond even the death of objectivity but we'll talk about that. It's the death of having things in common. It's the death of being able to find common ground or common sensibility with which we can communicate with one another. The point of an objective view of the world is you may not agree with me about some facts about the world but we agree about how we're going to go investigate it. We agree that there are methods that work better than others. Okay and so with math. Math is objective. It is absolutely it's literally logically true it is. There's no question about whether or not it's true. There's nothing to argue about. It is objectively the case. For example the two plus two equals four. That is the case. I know this is a controversial statement. In fact i made it a controversial last year. I by trolling nicole. Hannah jones of new york times into making fun of me for saying to four and then it blew up and then you had the t h chen school public health at harvard. Tweeting to five in the middle of a pandemic. We're half the country's afraid they're over counting. How about that. So the goal is to break down our ability to talk to one another and understand one another in the reason is because if we can't understand one another and a common language we can be controlled by the people who get to set this objective standards the new subjective standard that new sensibility. That's replacing a common. Sensibility is called intersection. -ality which means in short we can talk about what it means in the theory blah blah blah but insured. It means you have to think about who you are and how systemic power dynamics influence whether what you said matters are not always in everything. It's think about who you are and be divided against one another

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