Bootleg Fire More Than 40% Contained


From other states are heading to Montana, where five firefighters were injured as they work The Devil's Creek blaze near the town of Jordan. That fire has burned more than 1300 acres. There are more than 80 fires burning in the west as conditions for more extreme heat and dry weather Continue. NPR's Amy held reports. Firefighters in southern Oregon are making headway on the biggest wildfire burning in the U. S. The bootleg fire is now more than 40%, contained after weeks of hot, dry and dusty conditions spurred it to more than 400,000 acres. In Montana. Wind driven flames hurt Several firefighters working the Devil's Creek fire and crews are coming in from Utah and California to help south of Lake Tahoe. Some 2500 homes have been evacuated, and hundreds of firefighters are battling the Tamarack fire. We understand the sacrifices being made by all for those who have been displaced, and for the people who are on the line here away from their families. Matt Zum Stein is district ranger of the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. We're only at the beginning. It's a marathon. It's not a race. Heat waves and drought are becoming more regular in the warming climate. Amy

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