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About 2021, NBA champion. Bucks news radio 6 20 WTMJ, Milwaukee. At 502. It is 89 degrees, mostly clear skies overnight tonight Low 68 from the WTMJ breaking news sent around Mike Spalding. It's the first full day of competition in Tokyo as part of this summer Olympic Games and medals are already being handed over Far 26 countries, plus the National Olympic Committee teams from Russia and Chinese Taipei have won medals. China has the most at four, including golden fencing, shooting and weightlifting at a bronze in shooting Italy and host country. Japan trailed China with three medals apiece. Team USA s chances at a spot on the podium rise dramatically on Sunday, when medals are awarded in swimming and the newly added sport of Skateboarding Gym early in ABC News at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, UW Madison roller participating in the Tokyo Games, Matty want to make her telling TMJ four news. It hasn't been easy, adding in another year of training with the pandemic delayed games, like feeling really fit a good like peak. So I was like, I want to stop and have it be totally lost. I mean, Everyone felt this way in the pandemic. It was just like so untethered rolling Semi finals get underway tomorrow. Protesters

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