How Much Does a Wedding Actually Cost?


Experts project that twenty twenty one wedding costs will rebound what they were in two thousand nineteen if not higher so let's take a look at the twenty nineteen numbers. According to wedding wire the average cost of a wedding reception per couple was around. Twenty eight thousand dollars. Although i'd venture to say it was probably a little higher. Because according to the not here are the average costs involved with a wedding reception. Buckle up because it's a long one ten thousand five hundred dollars for a reception. Venue two thousand four hundred dollars for a photographer. Eighteen hundred dollars for a video for two thousand dollars for florist sixteen hundred dollars for a wedding dress. Three thousand seven hundred dollars for a wedding band twelve hundred dollars for a reception. Dj seventy dollars per person for catering and the average wedding in two thousand nineteen had one hundred and thirty one guests. I guess it's an odd number because of all the singles who want to go home or at least go to bed with a new plus one and that brings the total cost of food to nine thousand one hundred and seventy dollars. The rehearsal dinner costs on average eighteen. Hundred dollars five hundred ninety dollars for the invitations. One hundred dollars for the hairstylist hundred bucks for the makeup artist. Four hundred bucks for the party favors and last but certainly not least five hundred dollars for the cake that is a total of thirty five thousand nine hundred and seventy dollars to put that into perspective that the lot more than the down payment on one hundred and seventy five thousand dollar house or tuition for a year and a half at florida state university. It's a huge chunk of change. And again i would still argue that. Those estimates are probably low. I mean shout out to the bride. Who's spending one hundred ten bucks on a hairstylist. But if you're living in la you're probably spending five times that amount which brings me to an important point of course. These averages vary widely depending on factors like location. What time of year and even what day of the week it is. You're tying the

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