This Is Why African Countries Have the Lowest COVID Rates in the World


If you look at what country has embraced the vaccine the most and the lockdowns the most and the masks the most israel would be the top of the list yet. Their rates for cases are worse than almost any other country on the entire planet per capita. Why do you remember for a short period of time when everyone was freaking out about india india with the massive kovic search. What happened well if you go. Look at the indian government's own website you do know that they say in their treatment portfolio. Just go take some ivermectin and hydroxy klaren india's. Kobe rates have plummeted. What's the lowest cove rates in the entire. World is in america. not even close. Is that mexico. No the lowest as of a couple of months ago and it's probably changed as uganda. Why is it that african countries that take antivirals with their breakfast food literally because malaria is so widespread. I don't mean that as a pejorative. it's just you take anti antivirals all the time you get bit by a wrong insect in africa just injured life. Do constantly drinking tonic water constantly. Taking anti-malarials why is that. Why is that. Why is there not been a massive coverted death surge beyond anything that we would have expected in the poorest countries with the worst healthcare systems like africa.

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