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Begin this episode not in the world of classic literature but back in river city in laboratory of the world's most brilliant scientists blowing. Where at this exact moment. Both dr grant and chips are returning from their respective adventures. Hey chips what are you doing here. You would gone for good because you couldn't be deployed young jamie moral. I can't but you're now looking at dr floyd's brand new young apprentice news that come about. That's a long boring story that i won't bore you with right now. Say where did just come back from his co. From my parents and i had to return to the alien robot. High wound mapa distress call. Is everything. okay everything's fine. It actually turned out to be very long boring stories. We'll do to ground. Hi annoyed. i don't know. I just got back to the lab. And he isn't here. I've been here for wrong pound up. Yeah and here on a lab bench is a letter from princess ori. If he was here he would have opened this up immediately upon its arrival. You're right about that. Well if he's not here on the time. Spaceship is still on the hanger. There's only one place. I'd say he is already bring. It is like is home away from home and see if we can find him. I'm sure how excited to back in a now. He's apprentice and i'm sure he'll be happy to know that your parents emergency turned out to be nothing to write home about relief. We should probably empty the garbage can hear it. Looks like it hasn't been emptied since we left in the ken. Phone line is blinking less funny. Dr void always takes out the trash before he leaves the camp. Oh well i'll just use dr floyd's patented auto emptier it'll dump all the garbage and the garbage can into the garbage chute. Let me just push the button here. Did you hear that wrong. I don't know sounded like a voice screaming out in the refuse and then suddenly being silenced. I couldn't hear anything. I must have imagined it. Okay let's go to the library moments later. Dr grant and chips are standing at the front desk of the subtle river. public library. Glad to grant fellow chips. Hey agnes it's so good to see you hang agnes today today. No i haven't seen dr floyd since that day two weeks ago the day all those strange things started happening around us. Strange things happen. You see two weeks ago doctor. Octavius tanenbaum dr alexandria. Herron and dr and beams. The third came into the library. They had this big thing that look somewhat like a laser cannon and they took it down to the classic literature section. They said it was a mechanical bookmark. That finish holster. Iron should yes. I thought so too and was going to say something. But then dr. Steve came in dr steve in the library. Did he melt as soon as he crossed the threshold. No he filled out an application for a library card and then demanded to know. If we had any books on barry manilow. I told them we did. And he headed off downstairs to the classic literature section even though i told him he was going the wrong way and then a bit after that. Dr flood came in and headed down to the classic literature section to well. I guess that's not too odd but maybe there was some sort of doctors convention going on. That's what i thought too. But the arrival of all the doctors really isn't the odd part hong well after a few minutes is all being down there together there was a loud bang and a blinding flash of light. Oh no and then doctors tenenbaum hair and and being a third came running upstairs as best. They could and bolted out the front door laughing. Maniacally i went downstairs to see what happened. But when i got there. There was no sign of dodger. Floyd or dr steve anywhere. Yes they were gone. All that was left was that big piece of machinery. That looks somewhat likely again. Laser kennedy looking thing me do right now would still downstairs where they left it. We were going to put it in the dumpster but every once in a while it fires up as if being operated by remote control. The staff is a bit afraid to go near. Can you take us to it. Agnes sure oh but hold on one second. It's almost three o'clock what happens at three o'clock every day at three o'clock this little sock shaped guy just sort of appears by the front door of the library shaped guy he seems to appear out of thin air looks around and then vanishes. I don't know who he is or how he does his little trick but he's done it every day for the past two weeks. It exactly three pm here. We go three two one. Very it's featured fitter. What are you doing here and run. Missing tabloids agnes. Could you take us to see this laser cannon thinking i think it might just hold the key to telling us where dr floyd dr steve ours right this way and with that agnes leads dr grant chips and figure to the classic literature section of the library will they be able to discern what's happening. Dr floyd dr steve. More importantly will they find a way to bring. Dr floyd and dr steve but to settle river city and throughout all this hubbub. What is agnes a librarian. Most concerned about we ever those two went. They better not have taken any library books with them without following proper checkout procedures. Find out next time on the radio. Adventures of dr floyd again episode number seven fourteen of the radio adventures of dr floyd starred more quirk s chips. Www dot more quirk dot com. Alison markaz agnes. The librarian and christina visits. Es cousin oliver www dot christina comedy dot com special thanks to swat dot com for their help with this episode music for this episode by jodi white sides www dot jody. White sides dot com. This episode was written. By grant. But choko and recorded in dr void studios in beautiful

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