The Founding and Crimes of The Children Of Thunder Cult

Let's Start A Cult


On memorial day. Nineteen ninety nine. The helzer brothers attended a murder mystery. Dinner held at their local mormon temple that evening reportedly dressed in all black and thus stood out from the rest of suburban attendees. Most of whom were start shirts and press chino's. It was at that event that justin met don goodman a single mother mother in her mid twenties. Who had recently moved into town and was working a grocery store desperate to find a direction in her life. She decided to join the mormon church although she was said to be an outcast. Much like the helzer brothers will. Don began dating just shortly after the murder mystery dinner. She was reportedly fascinated by his cares. Medical brother taylor managed to convince her to join a self awareness. Seminar which consisted of spending a few days inside a windowless room while a facilitator aggressively badgered them to confront their inner demons which sounds like most university classes. I attended so not that crazy but no absolutely ridiculous After completing two of the seminars three levels don began receiving spiritual guidance from taylor. He had become completely unhinged by this point telling her that sometime in january two thousand it was his destiny to take over the mormon church by all means necessary. He also began calling himself. Don and his brother the children of thunder claiming that it was their mission to create a state of peace and joy for everyone.

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