A highlight from Training Camp Day 3 - with George Stoia III


Want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Have you friday broncos country. It's always a football friday. Every friday here on the broncos daily podcast but with football practice in full swing. It truly is a football friday. I could pull my notes and go through the highlights of the day and there were a few to try to keep score the quarterback competition. But i can just give you the overall consensus and save everybody. Some time drew lock definitely had a few more wild plays teddy bridgewater kind of even things up. Teddy just doesn't missed too often at the same time. It doesn't take chances down the field so we'll see how things go next week. When they're in pads and they ratchet up the pressure coming off the edges and stuff and certainly when the first team oh line is in there or whatever the first team online looks like you just garrett bowles as the as the barometer garrett bowles and and you know reisner and graham glasgow and cushioned baron. There that's considered the first team. Oh line the receiver cycle through And that gives you guys working with all the different pass catchers but all things being equal. I think lock had a little bit better day. That people tell me that they thought it was more tied today. And if you're keeping score at home that's kinda one one one. If you call today a tie. And i had one person in the building that just going to be good enough for drew. Lock to win it because you know you're going to have with teddy and think so much of this defense that it won't matter drew. Lock upside if he can't have enough consistency the consistency. That teddy has even. When it's underneath yesterday stretches a field. He had a beautiful pass. In seven. On seven to k j hamblur. You can see that It's out on social media the play of the day. And the broncos posted the video of it if i'm not mistaken and so that looked good and j. Judy just looks good whenever he has the ball in his hands in fact let's hear vic fangio before we get to george story in just a few minutes hour we're gonna hear from no offence dalton rising as well but here's vanja when i him about jerry judean how he looks in your to cause for more standing. He looks really damn good. He's a lot more polished than better more prepared to play right now than he was last year knows the game. Better got a ville. What the nfl. Football's the lake making the adjustment from college. The pro you know. He had limited time to do that last year. No preseason games and he had an up and down rookie year some great moments bad moments and i think those have really helped shaped him and he's had a really good off season and it's carried over to camp whether it's getting the ball to jerry judy and sometimes is it easier just to throw the ball and let him go. Make play because we saw him catch a little curl route. Stop route curl route. Shake bryce callahan and pick up a huge gain or maybe even get all the way to the end zone depending on if he can make the safety and vixen yet but a lot of that is dictated by covered. You can't just force the ball to him. But once sutton healthy and fat jerry. Judy is going to be a problem. And i know we told you about last year last year. Dicing up second third team guys. That barely made the leaguer. Were aren't in the league anymore now. He's doing it against bryce callahan. Pro ball focuses best corner when he was on the field last year. You're gonna ronald darby. Guy that played the most snaps of any corner last year. Just got ten million bucks a year from the broncos for the next three years. He's going against ser tan when his old college teammates on him. He's going against. Kyle fuller doing against anybody that wants to guard him. Jerry judy has been for my money. The true star of in these first three days now vick was also asked about while plays verses mistakes and can you balance a mistake if you have a mistake. Can you offset it with a while. Plane here's vicks answer to that. Yeah to me there about equal. You know I don't know what the intelligent equation with data but one and play. You know that could really affect the game is that. How many the wild place do you need to make to wipe that off the books so And i don't know the answer to that. But yes and of course when you get really anybody on the offense. We didn't ask dalton reisner specifically about the quarterback competition he was asked about do locks facial hair and then he gave a nice compliment about drooping bigger and throwing the ball hard No offense certainly was asked about the quarterback situation and and the quarterback battle so no gave two answers it relates to the quarterbacks. I'll just combine it into one because you'll be able to infer what the question is But the question the first question was i guess. The question is first question. Was how's quarterback battle going so far in the second was are you fine with either one of them and you'll be able to hear his answer with that and see now. We're in theory being a little more efficient.

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