Seth Dobrin Talks About Trustworthy AI

Eye On A.I.


We're gonna talk about trustworthy a i. It's something that is increasingly in the news and concerns a lot of people. Ibm has a product called fact sheets. Three sixty that i understand is going to be integrated into products. Can you tell us what fact sheets three sixty is. And then we'll get into the science behind. Yes so let me start by laying out what we see is the critical components Trustworthy a at a high level Three things there's a ethics there's govern dated ai and then there's an open and diverse ecosystem an ai ethics is fully aligned with with our ethical principles that we've published with arbin dr ceo co leading the initiative out of the world economic forum. And i'm adviser for essentially open sourcing our perspective on a ethics from a govern data in ai perspective. It falls into five buckets. So i is. Transparency second is explain ability third is robustness. Fourth is privacy and fifth is fairness and so the goal of fact sheets is to span multiple of these components and to provide a level of explain ability. That is needed to drive adoption and ultimately for regulatory compliance. And you think of it as a nutritional label for ai where nutritional labels are designed to help us as consumers of prepackaged foods to understand what are the nutritional components of him. What's healthy for us. What's not healthy for us. Factually is designed to provide a similar level capability for a.

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