Grinding Towards Success With Build Your Brand Online Founder Jesse Eker


Well off you know your childhood. I grew up in a single wide trailer with a single mom in southern west. Virginia you and i didn't grow up that much. Different the differences at a certain point in time in your life. You know you're blessed enough in your dad. Did something pretty remarkable. Yeah and that's when. I saw the light where i was like. Whoa like this is what making it is like. And it was a quick shift and went pretty fast you know. The atmosphere of our environment completely changed but the values of the like. What made him there. What i saw behind the scenes and how he kind of became this person like what it took to get. There was always ingrained in what i was doing. So even though i had to find my own path and go through ups and downs and challenges of my own habits and procrastination's and fears and normal. Human shit. I did get to embody what he went through to. How the success he had and i got to experience both sides of the spectrum. Now i wasn't necessarily poor what we weren't well off. We were comfortable at the time and went through influxes of money but getting to experience both sides. I knew which side i wanted to be on no matter what and that was. Not on the o k side. It was on the successful and rich side. So that's what i've been grinding for and ostlund for other than you know serving and helping an impacting obviously to solve problems for other people. But i knew that was my got to. My y was not to go back to that life. I wanted to stay in the lifestyle that was created in my second half of my child. You know it makes a lot of sense. What are some of those values that you've stuck with from the first part of that childhood. You know. I think one of the biggest things that most people forget is that nothing worth. It comes easy and everything takes time and energy and i think a lot of us are so used to this immediate gratification world of like press this button. Do these things you're only one funnel away kind of mentality when you have gone through it and you know what it takes to be successful. You understand that. There is a certain amount of time energy and effort required to reach a certain level of success. And i think that value of understanding what it takes to actually get to that level was really you know what i saw an experience from watching my dad constantly in his office like just really going after it now.

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