Everyone Will Be Able to Clone Their Voice in the Future

The Vergecast


World today often feels like it's full of digital voices with a assistant siri amazon alexa and google reading your messages announcing the weather in answering trivia. Here's what i found on the web but if you think things are chatting now just you wait. The voices of these a assistant used to be based unreal recordings. Voice actor spent hours talking in a studio and these clips would-be cut up and rearranged to create synthetic speech but increasingly. These voices are being created using artificial intelligence. This means we can not only create more realistic computer. Voices clone the voices of real people much more quickly creating endless artificial speech at the touch of a button for example it was surprisingly easy to make a synthetic version of my own voice. In case you missed that. That was not me talking. That was all made digitally by typing into a computer. So why would some want to do this. Besides the obvious novelty of it. You might have guessed a reason to make some money. I listen to this was going on. Kevin hart here. I wanna talk to you about why. We have to have mac and cheese every night. Think about it. That's why. I recommend thousands of new shows and this is a promo from baritone one accompany. That's working on an ai product to create synthetic voices and make them something. The media industry wants to us. So we've created a platform. Ai which at the end of the day turns unstructured data into structured data. That's shaun king executive vice president. Ed veritas one. So if you're thinking about audio thinking about video things that are typically unstructured and we make that searchable discoverable author a host of different a cognitive engines that are there from transcription beaker detection speaker separation. And then we provide those tools to you know many different industries that are eating

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