Gavin Newsom Survives California Recall Election Attempt


We welcome times politics reporter sima meta from long beach in southern california and john meyers our sacramento bureau chief. They're here to talk. What else recall winners. Losers future and whether given new symbol every at a fancy restaurant again. So john sima haru status feeling tired. Line day john. Let's start with you. Give us the math. The who voted the how the where all of that. yeah. I mean at the end of the day. Kosovo right math matters. I tell my kids that all the time in the math batteries here and because there are so many democrats in the state. They're you know basically to democrats for every republican The math was going to be hard for the republicans who were back in this recall and it was impossible as it turns out As we saw the election returns come in into the evening tuesday. The the numbers largely were kind of two to one against the recall. It's going to fluctuate some in the final numbers. We won't get for a few days as they finished opening the ballots that arrive in the mail. But i mean a two to one is is a pretty handy victory and it's a pretty solid repudiation of this recall effort

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