The 'W' Method: How to Improve Communication in a Relationship


I want to talk about for you men give you tips on how to be a better communicator with a woman that you're in a relationship with. Typically these women are saying you don't open up to me emotionally. I wish you communicated this to me more. I wish you were able to talk to me better. Or you're just trying to fix things in the relationship and you've tried to feel that you feel like you're hitting a wall. So tip number one is I see this so much and this is valuable information because I say it in my coaching sessions is one of the tips that I get my men is you have to come from the why the what? Always think about the W's, right? So when you're in, when you're trying to effectively communicate. The only way that you can really effectively communicate is by curiosity questions. And this is alluding to relationships. And if you guys have follow me for a while, you know when I talk to date about dating and finding a good woman, it comes to curiosity questions. Get good at asking curiosity questions. So how do curiosity questions start? Will they start with the what? The why, the when? Those are all curiosity questions. But what we are impacted to do as humans sometimes depending on how we're raised and maybe what we weren't taught, as we attack, right? We come from the II in the UU. Only if you knew this, you could have done this better only if you could understand I would be better. If I had this, then I would be happy, right? Sound familiar. So we attack an attack and attack, but instead of figuring out the why. So why are you unhappy? Please tell me how can we fix this together? And then that leads me to the second tip is number two, is understand that everything is valuable in your relationship. And it's about a partnership. Yeah, you guys are two separate human beings and you always have to be driven on something in your life, your purpose, your values, and hold yourself accountable, and that comes from loving yourself. But number two is in a relationship, it's about a partnership. It's about the we and it's not always about the eye. It's about how can we compromise and make this better? So understanding that number two tip is about a partnership, but also about compromise and making things better in your relationships. So how do you get there by following my tip that I'm telling you and tip number

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