U.S. Ramps up Wild Horse Roundups in Drought-Stricken West


Throughout this hour we've been following how the rain and wind from hurricane ida is punishing the southeast. But we can't forget that all this is happening. While the west is experiencing severe drought and that drought is not just affecting humans. Wild horses are dying. Due to a lack of water the federal government is trying to save them by rounding them up and adopting them out across the country but as nevada. Public radio's nate heggie reports. It might not be the solution. It appears to be black helicopter. Swoops past a group of wild horses running across western. Utah's high desert. It's mid morning already on. The helicopter is trying to herd them into a corral. Lisa read is watching the action while sitting on a blanket under an umbrella. The helicopter works like a sheepdog. It works the horses from side to side guiding them to the direction that he wants them to go read is with bureau of land management. Right now. her agency is in the middle of a huge emergency campaign to get roughly six thousand. Wild horses like these out of the desert and into private stables or pastures across the country. That's because the drought in the west is so severe this summer. That it's killing horses. People wanna say let mother nature take. Its course but boy. That's the stuff. Nightmares are made of reed remembers reading reports about a small group of wild horses who died from dehydration during the west last severe drought two decades ago. There was one full. That was still alive and It was nursing off of a dead mom. That's heartbreaking wild horses rounded up. Today are faring better not by much at a nearby row. Some of the mayor's look got you can see their ribs and their hipbones and that is definitely a direct impact from the drought unlike other desert critters such as bighorn sheep or mule. Deer the federal government. Can't just let wild horses die off. They're protected under a fifty year old. Federal law it mandates. A set number of healthy horses living on healthy range lands. But lately the beale has argued that there are too many wild horses on those range lands. That's creating unhealthy conditions and the drought is just making things worse so the rounding them up and adopting them

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