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Buckle up and hold on we got it here. It is strawberry letter. Yeah this is a letter where you are audience right us and we give you advice. We came make this up. No people think we do though because they're so crazy but now here we go subject. My wife is living like she's single. Dear stephen shirley. I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for eight years and we have two wonderful children early on. We had problems in our marriage and we separated for short period. But we work things out. And i thought we were back on track. My wife admitted that during our separation she had slayings with two other guys. She compared to the guy she had the flings with and bragged about the money and the nice things they had. I am an educated guy. And i have a great fulltime job and a part-time job for extra money but does not enough for my wife. She told me that. I need to be making six figures to keep her happy. She has a demanding. Full time job so she doesn't do much around the house. I cook i clean. I take the kids to and from school. Wash the clothes. Help the kids with homework and maintain the lawn. She neglects my sexual needs to because she goes out most days after work to unwind and when she comes home. She says she's exhausted a few days after christmas. She told me that. I need to find a nice woman that will appreciate me and the little bit. I have to offer because she needs more. She told me that. After i've found her texting one of her old flings. I asked her to see the text and she showed it to me. The guy was asking for sex again and he said that their chemistry is unmatched. I am trying to stick up for my kids. But i cannot be her doormat in the process. She doesn't respect me as the man of the house. And i am not sure how. We got to this point. But she is very disrespectful. Do you think. I should try to stay for the sake of my kids or make. Her wishes come true and leave. Roguishness the husband. It seems like a letter that a wife would right but now this time the husband wrote this once and you know doesn't the grass always greener on the other side. I mean she's thinking that these guys who are taking her out when she was on a break from you. You know spending money and nice things and all that. Yeah but she came back home. She's not with him so the grass always looks greener on the other side. I have to ask you though. What do you want to do. I mean you're asking us. Should you stay for the sake of your kids. I'm sure you don't want to stay with the wife who continues to disrespect. You like your wife. Does i mean kids are no kids. You don't have to take this man you don't have to take you know that right. I mean where's your dignity. Where's your self respect Getting your kids and leaving her will probably be the best thing you can do to save yourself and your two children. Okay from from this mama right now. She's just out of order. I mean you said she's disrespectful. She's all of that You sound like a good man hard working men and all of that you know you're cooking cleaning and doing all this stuff and taking the kids at school working two jobs. You shouldn't be a doormat for her. So you're right about that She she definitely is disrespecting you. And i think you should take her advice. I really do. I think you buries a nice woman who appreciate you there. Plenty of them. As a matter of fact he'll take you and the kids so get on outta there. Okay you don't have to take this. Steve wrote this letter he did. My wife admitted doing our separation. She had a fleeing with two other guy. Just been out there. Just laayoune not know off fail. She's been doing what color now. Just showing hood natural to flings. That wasn't enough. She going compared to guys that she had to fleeing with bragged about the money and the nice things they had she go come back home and tell me about it or you might wanna stay your ass. Shot dead this for me for the brain you have to come back. Steve harvey tail. Meat is here who you think. I am mma who you talk into near. let's go. I am an educated guy and have a full great fulltime job and a part time job for extra money. But it's not enough for my wife. Somebody told me someone times. I just wanna share. Which very very wealthy person he said. If you got one job and it ain't cutting it for you. Why would you go get another one of them. Have you got a job today. Cutting for your next move. Is you to open some type of hostile owner side or business. But he always told me he said. Don't go get another johnson. Okay he said because you got one job. They work very well. Why would you get another one right. So that was very educational thing. She told me that he needed to be making six figures to keep her happy. Now you got two jobs. That ain't making six so you just work at all today and still making six figures but this helpful right here toll you. That's what she needed to do to make her happy to get back out there and get the flying and again what you probably need to do. Now she has a demand in full time job so she don't do much around the house. And i want to listen to this. He working two jobs already right. She got a demand in full time job but he say i could clean. Take the kids to and from school. wash clothes. Help two kids with homework and maintain the loan to job. Just tell this health got a full time job at a part

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