Why Do You Want to Be a Parent?

The Mom Room


One of the best things we talk. We talk is a lot in sex therapy sexual scripting like what's the point of sex right. Are you having sex for pleasure for connection because you want to check it off a list obligation because you feel like you should write any of these things and i think about that. The same idea with parenting. What's the point of being a parent. Because i can't tell you. How do people. I ask that question. And it's like we'll. Because i really want to have a family have family with a dog or a fucking parakeet only baby for that like. Why do you actually want to be a parent. That's interesting and i don't even know that. I know the answer because a lot of time people are like while because i talk a lot about not enjoying playing with my toddler. I'm thirty six years old. I don't know why that's like breaking news but a lot of people are like well. Why did you have kids. Then if you don't like playing with them. And i'm like well. I'm thinking more like big picture. Not you know this two years when he's a toddler if you had kids just to play with them that's a problem yes or just for the love right like people that try to really have to get their secure attachment through their children and not through their adult relationships and so often you see that and it's this totally healing relationship for some people and then that kid gets older gets their own personality and doesn't need you as much and then people go through a huge breakdown of who am i now

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