What Is Western Civilization and Is It Better Than Other Civilization Projects?


Us through first of all what is western civilization. Thank you charlie. Thanks turning point for having me ny. I'd be remiss if i didn't also thanked charlie to being a newsweek columnist. So thank you for that and yeah great to be here. You know got dinner last night. We were joking about how we can possibly talk about how to save the west thirty minutes. So let's kind of dive writer and get right to the point here. So leo strauss famously defined western civilization kind of the ever existing tension between jerusalem anathemas between the bible and between kind of greco. Roman reason if you will. I think that's a good place to start a research fellow at the edmund burke foundation. Which is your arm zones. think tank. It's a home for kind of national conservatism. And we think of the nation state. The nation state is being directly derived from the hebrew. Bible actually the tribes of israel themselves going to be the original the og nation state. If will so. I think just recovering a sense of biblical identity and the importance of the nation state. In contrast to globalism in contrast to all sorts of utopian global ideals is a good place to start so it starts with the bible truths jerusalem athens and then obviously rome as well. Which is you. Don't more my good friends territory. Of course there's a lot there and so so rob. You have an interesting perspective on this. So can you tell us what does what makes the west difference. Why is this worth preserving and dare we say is the west better than other civilization projects currently or previously. So i would define the west. An not too dissimilar from josh shared as the combination of greek philosophy roman law and judeo christian religion and What's what's special about that combination. Is this view that a man and woman are at home in the world that there is that using reason we can understand the world and because we are part of a whole that is legible whole that can be discovered using reason we can also understand what it means to be happy as a human

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