A highlight from Ep 489 | Judicial Tyranny: Court-Ordered Child Abuse? | Guest: Jeff Younger


Is parttime mama to another episode of the chad. Prayed their show. Dali's on the set dali is on the set. I got yaacob. Williams on the set good sitting dalai knows where to go. Find the one squeaky toy. Yeah that i hid. This is back to back blaze days for me with dogs on the set. Exact friday was was sydney's new pup and now we got a good rhythm. It's a good beat. You might be make dolly member of your band like what's funny about the dog is everybody's come to know me. As having the dog around. I had back cialis the dog on the back seat and all that people don't know it's hard work working with an animal. There's a reason. Hollywood says no animals. No children no water. That's right because the do what they want. They do what they want. Whatever and of course we've been sitting in here getting ready to tape this show. This tuesday tuesday tuesday silence and on and as soon as mark canada's up master candidacy. And what did she do. She went and found the one. Squeaky toy camera dolly. Bring it to me baby. Bring it to me. She doesn't want this is twinned with you. She's nine months old. Look at that fat. Don't really yeah. What are you reading the animal food. It's sometimes people thought you sit. Elk meat are funny stuff tuesday. I dunno yakking. We're gonna get into it today. We're we're a new phrase of the week is medical tyranny magara. She'd given it to you. Maybe she is not quite medical tyranny. Yeah this is the thing that's going on. We're seeing it with covert. We're seeing a lot of different cases. We're gonna talk about this a little bit. They got a special guest coming on the show. Various he's just teasing me with it. Now now i got oh there you go look at her. So confused sit sit. Let's see if she'll do it for the camera. This says you can't act with animals. Yaqoob people listen to you. They do medical tyranny. One hundred percent correct. It is time to expose expose. His video was up for about two hours. i think glenn pulled the clip. I shared it with chris. as well.

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