Unraveling The Death of 'The Toxic Lady', Gloria Ramirez


When she got to the hospital. Glorious heart was beating at a rate of more than one hundred beats per minute. Why did they need to fibrillation her. That seems like jumpstarting a car. That's already running hot. You know also. It just seems to me that pumping someone full of sedatives and then zapping. Their heart with electricity is a weird sequence of events. I'm sure they knew what they were doing. It's just as a lay person sitting here at my desk. It seems weird also can only hope the iv. The paramedics administered in the ambulance was to take blood because by the time nurse. Cain went to get a blood sample. Gloria was so hopped up on medical grade goof-balls that her blood probably would have gotten anyone within fifteen feet of it high. Wouldn't they wanna check someone's blood before dumping a whole bunch of shed into it like maybe make sure she didn't already take a bottle full of valium before giving her more valium next. Let me just ask why. The decision was to move the entire. Er to the parking lot. If dr our cia thought gloria was the problem why not just move gloria outside. Wouldn't that have been easier than moving the entire er department it's possible. Show a thought. The problem was coming from the er itself like the ventilation system or whatever but then. Why didn't gloria get evacuated as well and look. I'm sure dr ocho made whatever decisions he thought were best in the moment. I can't think straight under that kind of pressure which is why dr ochoa is a doctor. And i am a podcast art. Could you imagine getting rushed to the er for like i dunno hemorrhaging blood or something. The ambulance gets to the parking lot out front. And it's like well here. We are literally right here. And there's just rows of gurneys with moaning people and some doctors like who's nissan altima is this. I'm hanging an. Iv bag from the roof rack. The official cause of gloria ramirez death was kidney failure due to cervical cancer or possibly heart failure. I'm telling you the reporting on this case is all over the place. Whatever it was that ultimately killed her. Everyone was still trying to figure out what it could have possibly been about. Gloria that was making medical staff around her pass out.

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