Olympic Stories More Lovely Than Silver and Costly Than Gold


The olympics ended. Sunday night though. Many of us hardly noticed they were on hard to cheer for athletes representing our country. Who don't seem to actually like our country that plus the insufferable push to sexualize. These games have just turned many of us off. Well that's a shame because there really were a number of inspiring athletes. That were competing in tokyo. This year their performances in their stories are worth knowing and were celebrating like sydney mclaughlin after winning the gold in the four hundred meter hurdles last week. She said this what i have in christ is far greater than what i have or don't have in life. And she went on to say. I pray that my journey may be a clear depiction of submission and obedience to god. Another female runner who shocked the world was only a teenager. Adding mu won an olympic gold in the eight hundred meters as a nineteen year old. She's the first. Us woman to win the event since nineteen sixty eight and in an interview said this as a follower of christ our main goal is to live in the image of jesus in order to connect to god and then there's wrestler tamra a stock the first african american woman to win gold for the us in wrestling. Her interview after the olympics will bring a smile to the face of any american and her testimony of god's faithfulness just put it all in perspective back before the olympic. She told faith wire this. It's by the grace of god. I'm even able to move my feet. So i just leave it in his hands and i pray that all the practice my coaches put me through pays off and every single time it does mensa stock also noted that her dad well he would have been the loudest one in the room but tragically. He died in a car crash. After one of tamara's wrestling meets back in high school and he also likely would have approved of the way. His daughter responded after she won. Gold she said in an interview. That's now gone viral quote. I love representing the us. I love living here. i love it. And i'm so happy. I get to represent the usa another olympian who set a record despite incredible challenges. Four hundred meter sprinter allyson felix in tokyo. She earned the distinction of becoming the most decorated. us track star in history within medals over five olympics. however she almost didn't live to see this one she'd already won six gold medals three silvers before becoming pregnant back in two thousand eighteen faced with a choice between her career and her child. Allison chose the child and she endured a challenging pregnancy. That nearly took her life and the life of her unborn baby.

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