Top U.S. envoy to Haiti resigns over 'inhumane' migrant expulsions


I'm anthony davis the biden administration's special envoy to haiti has resigned in protest of inhumane large-scale expulsions of haitian migrants to their homeland as it is wracked by civil strife natural disaster. Us officials said on thursday. Daniel foot was appointed to the position. Only in july following the assassination of haiti's president juvenile moe's even before the migrant expulsions from the small texas border town of del rio. The korean diplomats was known to be deeply frustrated with what he considered a lack of urgency in washington and iglesia pace on efforts to improve conditions in haiti foot. Wrote to secretary of state antony blinken that he was stepping down immediately with deep disappointment at apologies. To those seeking crucial changes. I will not be associated with. The united states is inhumane counterproductive decision to deport thousands of haitian refugees and illegal immigrants to haiti a country where american officials are confined to secure compounds because of the danger posed by armed gangs to daily life. He wrote our policy approach to haiti remains deeply flawed and my policy recommendations have been ignored and dismissed when not edited to project to narrative different from my own the state department criticized foot for resigning at a critical juncture and pushed back against suggestions that his policy prescriptions were overlooked. This is a challenging moment that requires leadership spokesman. Net price said in a written statement. It's unfortunate that instead of participating in a solutions oriented policy process special. Envoy foot has both resigned and mischaracterized. The circumstances of his resignation criticism has been fueled by images that went viral this week of border patrol agents on horseback using aggressive tactics against the migrants democrats and many pro immigration groups say efforts to expel thousands of haitians without giving them a chance to seek asylum. Violates american principles the migrant camp has shrunk considerably since surpassing more than fourteen thousand people on saturday with many of them expelled and many

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