Barbra Streisand Shades Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

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Barbara deja vu watching the latest version of a star is born and not in a good way mean you see the movie first. I did she go to blockbuster for that. One on the australian show the sunday project. She had some harsh words about lady gaga and bradley cooper's remake of her one thousand nine hundred ninety six fell. I thought it was the wrong idea. It look it was a big success. Oh i can't argue with success. But i don't care about. I don't care so much about success. As i do originality that first one i heard was who be done again it was supposed to be will smith and beyond say that. I thought that's interesting. You know really make a different again. Well first of all barbara. She looks amazing. You for supporting blockbuster. There's only two left in the country. You are really sure. Patron and barbara You weren't original originality. It was a remake when she to but no one. That's wrong you know always what it is right. It's like one. Madonna kinda threw shade at lady gaga. It's always like when you're an icon. Obviously barbara is an icon. I mean this woman is legendary. She is so talented. She's unbelievable but once that baton gets passed on to someone else and it's becomes the first of all lady gaga on a separate note. Did an incredible job in that phil was unbelievable. I will very rarely rewatch something. And i will watch this movie same so i just feel like there's just that little bit of like it's not my time right now so i'm just gonna jab at it a little bit but i don't think it was video what she

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