A highlight from #82: 10 Common Assumptions about Life that Dont Work and 3 That Help

Mindset for Life


On in your mindset as i've talked about many times mindset is what we think what we assume what we're really concluding about others and ourselves the way we think about ourselves in the world the way we consider things impacts us greatly in fact there are assumptions. We make about a great many things in the previous episode talked about assumptions and last month in several of these podcasts talked about beginner's mind which is a way to avoid making assumptions. We're gonna talk about ten assumptions. We don't need today. You're gonna find that. Some of these assumptions are thoughts. You may have thought about before. I hope you'll learn something new about how to let go of the assumptions and forgive yourself. If you've held onto any of these in the past and then three assumptions that are going to give you a head start really help you have more success in happiness in your life and also to be thriving emotionally physically socially intellectually and spiritually so. Let's get started with number one. One of the assumptions we don't need is that people are watching you. And judging you all the time when you think people are watching you and judging you you might act in ways that are not really comfortable for you or not really natural for you. If you're thinking about people's judgments of you in any given situation you might distance yourself from your own life and start acting in a way. That pleases other people instead of lives. Your own values. I'll give you a good example of this when we're thinking that someone is watching us and we're with our children. We might respond to our children. Not quite as authentically because we

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