A highlight from Episode 207 - Flyte


Hello welcome to the south. Jacker on songwriting podcast. Or so as it's come to be known. I this fine. This is brian. Hey with simon and joining us for episode two hundred and seven are we'll tayla nick hill of the superb english band a couple of months ago. The guys release they gorgeous achingly melodic and deeply affecting second album this is really going to hit and they joined us over zoom recently for a lovely chat. We are very happy to welcome. Will and nick a flight to the show. Lead singer and guitarist will who knew. He wants to be a songwriter. From the age of ten math. Basis nick at secondary school in winchester back it was with another school trump. Flights from john superman that will i bonded. Musically will and john would regularly after school to play and write songs together and formed the bank. Holy ashby's after leaving school will spend six months living in the us a year in paris before returning to the uk and reconnecting with john. And that's also where nick reentered. The fault keyboardist. Some berridge joined in twenty thirteen will having spotted. In busking at tottenham court road cheap station. The band took their name from the character. Sebastian flights from in wars novel fulbright's head revisited and develop their trademark lush harmonies. During the many hours they spent performing in and around the london area which included regular busking on the portobello road. they're twenty thirteen debut. Ep live recorded in one afternoon. Just a few months. After they formed garnered some national radio play and the first single we are. The rain was released on the transgressive label in early. Two thousand fourteen partly on the strength of an iphone video wills then girlfriend made of them performing their song. Faithless flight was signed up to island later that year making their label debut with the single light meal before putting out a second ep. Diamond weiss by this time they domesticated life following having started their own london club. Mice call chasing heaven. Their profile race feather when will in some youtube cover of joni. Mitchell's river racked up over one million views their debut album the loved ones produced by back. Read drop in late summer. Two thousand seventeen with standalone singles moon unit and victory gaels following a year. Later some berridge the parts of the band. After the release ops one thousand nine hundred ninety white rosie pay which also

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