Taliban Takes Key Northern Afghan Cities as Battles Rage On


Taliban in Afghanistan. Say they have now captured three cities in the north of the country, and it's hard not to conclude that the fighting for control of the country is going the Taliban's way. The government has acknowledged that the city of Taloqan, capital of Takhar province, Has fallen to the militants, with sources saying some provisions. Provincial officials were still trapped. Earlier, the Taliban said they had also taken the cities of Konduz and sorry pool. But the Defense Ministry in Kabul said special forces were still inside Kunduz city taking the battle to the insurgents, and an Interior Ministry spokesman said Afghan forces were winning back control and would defeat the Taliban. No, I haven't to other ensemble. So how do you have? Well? Yeah, one. The Afghan security forces, backed by the Air Force have launched a clean up operation in Kunduz City. They have been making progress and have captured some areas of the city and the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties. The city will soon be cleared of the terrorists. Reinforcements have also been deployed in other high risk provinces, and these cities that the Taliban want to capture will soon become their graveyards Hardship. Bilal Sarwari is an independent journalist in Kabul, and he's been telling me about today's developments on the ground. Well, we know that there's very heavy fighting inside the city of Kunduz, with the Taliban, managing to seize control of the provincial governor's office, as well as the police headquarters in the center of the city. But we've also seen you know very heavy fighting between Afghan special forces commandos in the Taliban. One Kunduz resident told me that there was a rain of bullets and shrapnel that hit homes. People simply could not basically even venture out of their living rooms, let alone seeing the street. We know that most of the districts in Kunduz province did fall to the Taliban a few weeks ago, even a month or so ago without much of a fight, So the city of Kunduz was always besieged. The Taliban were always at the four gates of the

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