Filmmaker Elijah Stephans on His New Documentary 'Send Proof'


I go. I hear about miracles. Some of them are baloney but most of them are true. They're people that i know and trust and they give you details but we live in a world where people act as though there's no such thing as a miracle or who i've never seen proof i've never That's sort of legitimate In any event. I've often said to friends of mine like ken fish or others. That you know you've got to document this because people they won't take your word for it. They people are very skeptical. Well there's good news. I don't know what it is but there's good news. No there is good news. I know what it is. I know what the good news is. And i know what these small g. Small and good news is today. There's a film out called send proof it's about the very thing i have been discussing with me. Filmmaker elijah stevens. That's you yes. Stevens now you come to us from reading california right. That's far away a long trip. That's where my friends of bill. And benny johnson live and he relation. No no relation or relation. You you made a film called cent proof about the very thing we're talking about so i wanna find out first of all. Tell my audience in thirty seconds. What what is this film. This is my journey to go. See if there's evidence for miracles especially healing miracles. What the doctor say what the philosophers say what the skeptics say. What mike shurmur say or james randi guy who call peter popoff with an ear piece. I try to all those. Those are super skeptics. Super scott who are pretending to be like harry houdini with the spiritualists and they ounces. They're trying to undo the now. Listen that's not a bad thing. Because i get annoyed would be putting it mildly. If there's any tomfoolery. And he phoniness whatever. Now i've not seen any but you know that there's some people out there but the to my mind. Almost all of the people who talk about this stuff are are are straight shooters because there are a tiny handful of frauds out there. Hollywood goes with the fraud narrative and you see all these films about fraudulent faith healing and stuff so it's a great thing that you decided to make a film like

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