A highlight from Episode 197: Hands-on with Windows 365, Clacky Keyboards & Killing Wasps

Double Tap Canada


Eight as is stephen scott back with you once again this week. We've shown brace with us said manchester in a load shed as usual. That's the becoming of a thing. Sean pre savvy today. I'm very well yes again. I need to apologize. I have still got the bill to do my best. Sorry to don't worry about it. That's the thing right because mark allow you also the builders in as well having you know what's going on with your homes Ah bathroom bathroom. Being redone finally The first renovation that we are choosing to perform the first elected renovation as opposed to must've do unplanned reasons. Yeah well this is exactly what shown pre seems to be at the moment. Because i thought you had a leak in your show yes and then i call you the other day and you tell me your gary is being re faced correct i on. How did we get from that. It's it's the beautiful of having an old house thing because yes it was just. The shower was dead and that turned into. Well let's just get the buffering done on the new sheriff in and then the carriage Faces falling off an end. The carriage roof is leaking their indoors. All internal doors new so Mark you yet. Because i'm i'm like interesting. I'm i'm excited in other people's construction payments are those you know those where they do upper-house programs. There's loads of them. So i think this is the legs for another show. Oh yeah audio show about home renovation. That's going to be brilliant. How to build a hammer. The nail with your left hand tried to avoid hitting your thumb. Even though you can't see it and use the hammer to smash the nail into smart of what you know what. I put together so much ikea furniture over the past two weeks. The the might my thumb and my and my first finger or just completely obliterated from smashing them with i think smashing with hammers. Where you're going wrong isn't it. Allan key dowels insulin. Dowels but i- i replace allen key with power alum key number one speeding's power good but the problem is is when you build these dressers in these kitchen things. There's a back like the cardboard style back to it that has to be nailed in. That's the whole dispel. i'm with you. It's difficult quite difficult quite annoying. And then i got these great legs for this For this cabinet and the legs are made out of plastic. And you can't even like. I mean you can't leave move in one direction. The leg falls off. So i had to buy third party. Legs for this ikea's stuff very non exciting but Lots of exciting stuff going on this week. Yeah i do love the fight that we're doing this and someone might be tuning in seeing. Hang on now. I understand why is cold. Double tap get it. Oh smash well listen the only ones who've your fingers this week iheart mine I i'm in pain guys. I'm doing the show and giresse i. Frankly don't even feel. I should be. I should be under the attention of a medical professional professional. Yes many set for years was linked to be under the attention of a medical professional and not for the reason of which you're in pain today but for the cause of this pain yes exactly. That's right because so you know most people this time of year might guest on by a war spore a be right. That kind of thing happens okay. But no many people do it to themselves. So what you see yourself with a wasp stung myself with a wasp was bay of silent. Sarah we try to process what you just said well. I thought it'd be a gap for ito. And and maybe you need longer. That's up to you. But no i was. I was sitting having a nice meal with my wife. But lunch with my wife today. And i thought i have felt something on the floor with my food so i thought oh i'll just pick up of probably jolt crumb or ten So i'll pick up. And i did. And then all of a sudden zap and i realized what it was. It was a wasp. Wasp an electric wasp. So i put it on the table and smashed it with my fist. Oh which means it will no longer thing anymore. I believe that that is absolutely true. You know wasps were harmed in the making of this radio. Show thank you. yes we are doing. The share animals we believe in the longevity of all species of all shapes and sizes excite. Wasps come anywhere near me. Having it guys guess what. I've been back into this week. I've been back into my trucking. I am spock against the big second by through the week. The big thirty five inch ultra wide bank q. Bank thing and been getting back into. And i decided to do it.

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