Marxist Professors Cloward and Piven Argued for Using the System Against the System


So I point out an American Marxism. The professors argue that the progress of mass movements will always be too slow as the American system is too difficult to mold into a truly revolutionary force. But there will be opportunities to use the system against the system. And he created turmoil from within and without bringing pressure for a revolutionary change. He wrote. Still, overall, political leaders remained timid and conservative trying to suppress the potential for realignment. Bridging potential cleavages with general symbols and vague promises. Under these confusing conditions, discontented voters, maybe as atomized and ineffective as all voters are said to be in the absence of parties. So social activists must be prepared to abandon the political parties is another way of putting pressure on them, however. They believe that the Democrat Party Is the party through which The radical elements can in fact, Penetrate the political system. So they spend a lot of time talking about doing exactly that taking over the Democratic Party, and they have The radicals. Claritin. Piven wrote that since political party see consensus, there will always be cleavages and discord issues between and among groups that should be exploited by social activists. They said to appreciate the role of social movements and helping to precipitate electoral convulsion and realignment. We have to pay attention to the distinctive dynamics of social movements. That enable them to do party politicians what party politicians do not social movements, even movements that are not particularly disruptive. Can do what party leaders and continues for office will not do.

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