A highlight from Kav Helmets - Custom 3D printed helmets with Whitman Kwok


Ag wanna try today with that said. Let's dive right into my conversation with whitman from cav helmets whitman. Welcome to the show really looking forward to our discussion. Yeah me too. At the manufacturing and additive tech geek in me is really looking forward to this conversation definitely wanna learn how calf helmets came about and what your journey is creating this bike helmets and more importantly what. The benefits are for riders in the gravel seen. So let's jump in and let's just in your own words. What snow about cav helmets. How it started and what. The vision is absolutely. There's a lot impact. Even in that that simple question. I think fundamentally the vision was around providing a concierge service to athletes. I had always as a compact cycles in college. Tweet my gear adjusted everything from crank lang's to handlebar length and all everything get the most performance and also made the bike and extension of myself. And i don't think anything has changed in intervening years and they get an all the sports that we talked to you whether it's a hockey player cited years or really important part of the athletic experience and so for cav. It was obvious to us that the helmet market is really large. It is a largely at this point. A undifferentiated products where there isn't a dominant player per say there isn't an apple or a tesla or a pal where people just all grab. It grabbed it to as large as for the last thirty years. There's been a lot of tweaking. An incremental improvements on injection molded foam helmets. And i think what we bring a cav is generational leap tesla's done with electric cars to a whole new mode of thinking around making a helmet or anything for that matter. That's completely custom onto the individual. And the moment you do. There's a whole bunch of benefits that we're able to realize there's the obvious ones wrong comfort that eight billion sizes that we can provide one for every man woman child on the planet and but there's a huge number performance benefits and protections always top of mind. We were talking about helmets and the fact that we can tailor the protective characteristics to an individual and how they ride how faster writing the way profiles things like that gives a massive potential improvement in protection over just a standard of one or two or three days is fits all unfortunate i have a number of co-founders and colleagues that we found in the company together and i think we all had different experiences but the same kind of echo voice in the back of our head that there's just a lot better way to do this and so i'll do a quick shout to their obviously there's a lot of different areas that we can talk through but mike low is is our. Vp is and he was the vp events concepts at euro bell. We also work with rebel. You did early work with lance armstrong time-trial helmet and worked and all the connick bike helmets since he's been just fantastic to learn from that whole industry in homicide. non obvious quirks and things in the industry and what's a very close knit industry and so there's a lot of great people that we've been able to meet and wirtz to mike and on the technology side stoudamire amazing technologists from google smart company or google and relatively early employees there. I'm working on search quality and youtube one of their of their smaller products and he brings his immense knowledge not just in software which ironically is where seventy eight percent of our but also really great understanding of hardware and kind of physics and mechanical engineering. You really have to have that. Polymath approached in order to build something like a superior helmet so anyway. That's a long winded way of talking about some the people who work with our early vision and so on the high level benefits and let you pick and choose your own adventure from there yet. So i lifted a little bit to it in the intro. But just don't lose this concept right off the jump because it's easy for the listener to think about this as a traditional helmet. But let's talk about how it's manufactured because you didn't specifically mention that and i think it's one of the most fascinating parts of the process. Yeah i do that a lot because they think we always think of it from the any and consumers perspective. What did they get and how we get. There is really intriguing from an engineering perspective. And i often gloss over it so yeah. We blended a bunch of material. Sciences added manufacturing and software in order to develop the helmets and also big a little bit more out of manufacturing sites. You asked about it but yes. Each of these helmets is three d. printed here in redwood city california for the individual and so everything is made to order has huge implications to everything not just manufacturing but the whole customer doesn't alluding to and being kind concert service giving people exactly what they want and so when it comes in and we're taking measurements and we dynamically generates.

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