Biden Doubles Down on Afghanistan Decision


Mike pompeo on this show in front and said it's pointless argue counterfactual because we don't know what happened with a counterfactual. What happened is a disaster in the president yesterday on sunday arguing that there was no alternative. This was going to happen. No matter what plan we had is not persuasive. Except i don't even think. Five percent of the american people believe it had to be this way claim number two from friday jake. Let's play cut number forty one. The military has secured the airport as you mentioned. But will you sign off on sending us troops into kabul to evacuate americans who haven't been able to get to the airport safely. We have no indication that they haven't been able to get in couple through the airport. We've made an agreement with with the taliban this far. Jake sherman true or false false. I mean false. Because not because i'm in kabul i'm not but because We have reporters on the ground. Who have had trouble getting to the airport. Not punishable news but cnn cbs. Spot and bc. I mean we know that people are having trouble getting to the airport so let me play one more claim from friday. Then want to ask you about congressional offices because they are some unsung heroes out. There both republican and democrat third claim by president biden on friday. What interests do we have in afghanistan. At this point with al qaeda gone we went to afghanistan for the express. Purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan as well as as well as getting no sama been lot jake sherman. We know bin laden is dead. We don't know where zawahiri is. What was the reaction around town to. The president's claim that al qaeda was gone. Well i think other people in his administration have indicated the opposite that al-qaeda indeed is a resurfacing in afghanistan and mike resurface in afghanistan. And furthermore what. A lot of people have said to me is what we went into other countries with express purposes that had been solved and stays in those countries for years and in many cases were still in those countries to keep the peace to advance foreign policy initiatives so You know. I think that is the general reaction that i think it was. Maybe the most disastrous five questions of presidents ever been out for

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