A highlight from 387 - MANNIE


Well i point you just have to give in. You know you can't fight it. You just have to just accept it while the universe has a plan and so understood universe super-duper at a thank you to you. I'll explain all plus straight talk. Loyalty is going to be here. Checking in on someone. We haven't spoken to in far too long talk with. Ross it straight talk with russ with. Tv's ross matthews and friends. there's mckee who bears malone dare c. j. j. j. hip hip her it. Hey so that's a big song. Last week we had a rock and roll cover. Oh yeah so yeah. I interrupt this theme song with a breaking news brand new song from a loon this version. Please this justin. i haven't even heard the whole thing. Bella abyss scotty covered song with shirtless and a ukulele. You'll be able to see this at the kiss. Kiss club dot com. This is the first time it's being heard even by me straight. Talk straight talk. Tv's

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