Calm and Brave in the Face of Death - The Heroes of Flight 93


When the plane finally does take off four minutes later another plane flight eleven crashes into the world trade center on that plane flight attendant named amy sweeney with speaking with american airlines and she reported the following or flying low for flying very very low or flying way. Too low oh my gosh. We're way too low and this was only a moment before the plane crashed into floors. Ninety three to ninety nine of the world trade center's north tower everyone on board and an unknown number of people in the building are killed immediately on impact four minutes after flight eleven crashes into the world trade center. president. Bush learns of the disaster. He finds out while he's in a florida children's classrooms speaking to children about education and reading at nine. Oh three a second plane. Crashes into the south tower of the world trade center as these attacks are unfolding air. Traffic controllers began issuing warnings to pilots of all planes. That were up in the air. They're warning flight staff not to let anyone breach the cockpit or control center of the airplanes at nine twenty two. After learning of the events in the world trade center on television leroy homers wife. Remember he was the first assistant to the pilot on flight. Ninety three was sent a message from his wife asking if he was all right. This message reached the cockpit at nine. Twenty four am two minutes later. The pilot jason dahl was puzzled by an incoming message. The message was from flight. Control warning the staff about not allowing the control areas to be breached. He responded to the flight controllers asking for confirmation of the latest message. It seemed unbelievable. Only two minutes later at nine. Twenty eight a mayday call was made by leroy homer. A second mayday call was heard thirty seconds later. The hijacking flight ninety three had reached the cockpit. The third hijacked plane was only nine minutes away from striking the pentagon while leroy homer was shouting. Mayday mayday there. Were additional sounds heard by the air traffic controllers. They heard get out of here out of here out of here. Get outta here. The plane was seen to quickly drop seven hundred feet and thirty seconds before the hijackers were able to take full control of the aircraft. The hijackers quickly moved the passengers to the back of the plane to minimize any chance that the crew or passengers would interfere with the

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