Larry David Was ‘Relieved’ to Be Cut From Barack Obama’s Birthday Party Guest List


This is so typical. So if you're a fan of. Larry david or familiar you know. He doesn't like to be an awkward situation. Just in general led the. That's how he was on his show on curb your enthusiasm. That's how he is in real life. That's how he is when he wrote seinfeld. So larry david. He was relieved when he got uninvited. To barack obama's lavish sixtieth birthday party. Last weekend you heard all about it. You know erica. do apologize for you know. however she acted but So this larry david said. He explained that he feared by going to the party. They would kinda put him in that awkward position of. Hey d- mind you in a few minutes of you know. Stand up on. Larry beggars laughing dance. Dance monkey dance. Fortunately so here's the thing because things got scaled back whether he wanted to make the argument of you know people are like. Hey how are you throwing a party during the pandemic. They scaled the party back. Larry david got the cut from the list. Which at the end of the day guaranteed this will make. This will make a story line in an upcoming episode of curb your enthusiasm. Not only does he get cut from party list. He get cuts from the president's party. He goes when he told me. I i was eighty-six from the party. I was so relieved. I screen thank you thank you. He must have thought. I was insane. I i wonder if obama call. Larry need to tell you

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