How Choosing a New Host Got Messy at ‘Jeopardy!’


You live under a rock. You probably know there is drama over the new host of the game show Jeopardy. A slew of guest host took the helm of the show as it tried to fill the shoes of the late host Alex Trebek. This week, it announced that producer Mike Richards will be the main host and actress Mayan Bialik will host a special episodes. But many fans were like Mm. Because they wanted to see director author literary advocate and Star Trek actor Levar Burton get the job before his audition week set, some say suspiciously during the Olympics, Burton gushed about his excitement. I've been a fan of jeopardy for all of my life, and when this opportunity came by, I could not pass it up. Social Media raved about his performance. Welcome Mat Donna and Brian. Let's play Jeopardy! Here are your categories. Name that Beatles, too. But Twitter caught fire. When Richards and Bialik were announced with comments running from Megan McCain's Why couldn't they just give it to Levar Burton? Like literally? Everyone on the planet wanted to geometric sleeps? How did jeopardy goes so out of its way Not to give llevar a job burden has been gracious tweeting. The outpouring of love and support from family, friends and fans alike has been incredible Bialik and a move not likely to endear her to his fans posted from her bet on Instagram that she's a fan too. And if you don't like me as the new host of Jeopardy, I'm sorry. I love Levar Burton. I've worked with him on Big Bang theory. I really have great respect for everybody who guest hosted and, um I think it's really amazing that it's a woman host of jeopardy. I think of a woman, so it's really exciting. It's very big Deal. Jeopardy's 38 season begin September 13th

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