Do Democrats Just Not Care About America?


Do democrats care about americans. Is that what it really comes. Down to two democrats just care by getting reelected and somehow getting woke mob to keep putting them empowers pandering by the democrats and look merrill lightfoot in chicago and the way that disrespected. The memory of office of french was brutally murdered in the city of chicago. Chicago police officer was murdered. For whom an honor guard was not allowed to be held by mayor lightfoot. even though she'll out hundreds of thousands allow palooza just a few weeks ago. Do the democrats question. Do the democrats not love. America look you look at what's going on at the border and it's not like this surprise. The same thing happened during obama. He went back to policies away from policies that were working to protect america's to policies that he knew would help the cartels and that would cause cry. That people would die that more people would die. Owed drugs from the cartels. And yes i'd have to say. He has the mother higher purpose than taking care of the american people but he doesn't care about their wealth and their and their safety.

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