Vesna Wallace on Exploring the Kalachakra Tantra

The Wisdom Podcast


Has now welcome to the wisdom dhamma chat and thank you for joining us. Thank you pleasure when introduce me is expected to become literate because feel like when civil life. So yeah it is. It's cover next such profound in vast tundra right. And i was thinking maybe we could start with you telling us a little bit about the background in the history of the tundra. You know win. Was this tantrum popula. What type of communities practicing The tundra so maybe we'll start there. Good question specially. If we seven audience people who have not familiar with the tradition. So can we not only for legends so to speak for worcester. Differences are not too much other sources that are available to a missing. According to the tradition. It was told by with their mundi. In what is now under these In his food but manifestation where he was to select few including keeps each under who was king of shumba lion time and so. The tradition says tender statement taken into some Tables propagating it teaching gate dinner at some point it was deducted by magician actions another king of samba and then both tweeting via inevitably eleven's century tradition lives at a time when i defend with currencies social political crises india in also when the tradition claiming. This was a time when people could listen to the doctor.

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