Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Sparks Fears of Super Spreader Event


Now for the second time this week, the US reaching 100,000 new cases of Covid 19 in a single day even as cases soar, massive events are taking place around the country. In Sturgis, South Dakota, 700,000 people are expected for the annual motorcycle rally, leading to fears of a super spreader event. This as hospitalizations grew from 12,000 month ago. More than 61,000. Now. Florida setting a new pandemic record high pediatric admissions are climbing one of those hospitalized 17 year old David Espino. High school football player now battling Covid and pneumonia for the last 10 days. I'm pretty scary. Actually, you can get to anyone they get you if you're 10, If you get you if you're 60, it doesn't matter in Mississippi, where the state health officer says Delta is sweeping over them like a tsunami. Hospital workers feeling overworked Once again, it is almost impossible to put into words, the frustration that they feel in many places. It's not a lack of beds, but a lack of stuff that's stretching hospitals thin. Like at Willis Knighton Medical Center in Louisiana. We don't feel like we have a time to devote to the patients that we need. It's just it's Sorry. I'm getting emotional. Just talking about it in Houston Harris Health System in Crisis mode. This 11 month old patient sick with Covid forced to be airlifted to another hospital because none of the pediatric hospitals in town had room the level of sick visits that we've seen this summer. June, July. And now August. I've never seen in 20 years of practice here in Houston, this as officials hint There could be major developments on booster shots, a source telling ABC News. The FDA is expected to reveal their plan for immuno compromised Americans by early September. We are now working on that, and we'll make that be implemented. As quickly as possible, According to an HHS document obtained by ABC News. Multiple states are now asking for federal assistance. They're asking FEMA for help with

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