'Your Brother Needs You': The Bond That Lifted a Rising NFL Star

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So joe you recently wrote a story about carolina. Panthers defensive end brian burns and his older brother stanley mclovin and how they ended up helping each other in an unlikely way. And we actually want to start the story with stanley. So let's rewind to two thousand six. What kind of player was stanley when he was coming out of college and how did his. Nfl career go early on. He was a pretty good player. He is a good size guide. Defensive lineman from auburn comes to the right side. that's goodell pressure. That's fair is last season. at auburn. He had eight sex and he enters the nfl draft and ho six when the last round to the panthers and he was joining a team. That had a very stout defensive line group led by peppers and it just wasn't much playing time opportunity for a seventh round pick white mclovin and so pretty under the radar type player with the exception of off the field where he lived and spent money as though he were a first round pick. He told me that he bought range rover and he had a hummer at one point. He bought a brand new house. I did a lot of things i wasn't. I wasn't educated about if i had educational a lot during that time. I'm like we're not talking about it. I got a million dollar bonus or anything like that. I mean it was seventh-round money by stanley. Kinda got caught up in lifestyle. He's the first to admit that and he was living the life and it was just one of those day where you see the money. You're counting zyban i buy. I'm playing football. I'm doing on on going through the rest of my life

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