A highlight from The Bloom Files | The X-Files Season 6 Episodes 21 & 22: Field Trip & Biogenesis


The truth is out there in here. Who knows but either way we're opening up the bloom files here. I'm post show. Recaps the next files. I botch lash. Rewatch podcast hello everybody. Mike bloom here to break down the last two episodes of the x. Files using sticks both incredibly trippy in their own. Except one i suppose is supposed to take place in reality. Angela bloom even though it's just weird is the first one was both take place in reality. I well i guess you know. I would not be surprised. If at the end of biogenesis it turns out that he lied and dream. Gotcha gotcha i thought you meant like the entirety of field. Trip was not reality and i was like no no. There was a mushroom. Nope there was a big mushroom. We're all things mushrooms beachside plates and much more as we talked about the last two episodes here field trip which is more of a monster of the week episode and biogenesis which. I'm assuming kicks off a like a another to port beginning of season seven. I think it's a three parter. Actually oh my god. I think that there are two episodes in our next lineup for raising. So this was like actually. It's interesting that we talked about you. Know the code talker in this episode rare because this was his first episode. Remember the last part of season two that being said. I know that we usually tackle those as like a three episode pockets thing. I'm actually happy. Yeah introduced because there's a lot to be introduced be. I don't have time to watch three ex-spouse episodes and over Live there was a little island. Show that's coming back on wednesday. Oh shut up nobody cares run pusher recap so yeah Pity on me play. I get a you cover survivor. Or do i know you do. I'm very aware well. Let's talk about field trip. I because this is a wackadoo episode. I think would be mildest way to describe it but the first thing to take away from this cold open is less so the what and more so the who. Yeah not the band. But we have to famous phases. Start this off. You're playing the role. What the was the shifts. What's the what's the couple's names. The shifts angela and wallace. My god it flew only. Your name was wallace. If i was robyn lively i'd be with that. So who is robyn lively. So i think that everybody listening to this will best know her as blake lively. Mother like gossip girl ryan reynolds wife. Yes but robyn lively to me is the star of the hit nineteen eighties movie teen witch. Right i can't remember if you've made me watch tv. No i think. I have many times every time you go. I don't really have seen this before. Because you never pay attention literally. I just keep keeps going in one ear and out the other which is just upsetting to me. Because it's one of my favorites timely thing. I remember specific the rap. I now where she's like magically enhanced to wrap it it's not rubbing lively. That's it's her friend. Oh what is her friend. That does the rap but she hopes make her friend we asked she makes her friend have confidence and so her friend in her confidence wraps the cool other kids will the this is not a teen witch rewatch cows. Unfortunately but wallace is the one that i i believe which i totally forgot. I didn't honestly. I didn't know that was robyn lively into i just always thought she looked and then i definitely forgot that was so many random people who appear in the extra yeah. Wallace is played by denman. A baby face. David denman who people know best as his role as roy on the office. Here he is being like this little hike aggressive husband. Yeah hike aggressive no. He's very nice here. He's very down to earth and he got into a little bit of argument a little bickering when they went on a hike. Angela's like that was the worst experience of my life. Yeah because they come basically. We opened up on them Returning home after a day out like hiking in the fields covered in mud. Didn't she's like. I'm going to go take a shower. I have a headache. But while she's in the shower she starts to see yellow goo hill but gac dripping from the wall. Yeah this was very like nine hundred ninety s cgi in this episode very much so and then she but like it's this weird thing where she sees using on the walls and then she like looks in the mirror and her own face is dripping with gooey. She basically like flashes in between reality and the dream as you see it after watching the whole episode after watching the whole episode. Is the assumption that like. She's coming out of it a little bit right like she sort of flash between this psychosis yes was placed under and so the two of them lie in bed and across fades into them become scalise. Yeah and so. Basically they're in each other's arms and the f. b. i. fines these bones and they're called in to investigate and there isn't called in to investigate is because the examination of the bones like they can't be these people only disappeared like two weeks ago. Yeah so it's not possible for these bones to be like that. We have yet to reach the night. Where the skeletons came to life. Anyone out there that gets that we love you. There was a period of about two to three weeks on down the hatch. Josh night con constantly. No really okay. Season two references. So hopefully there's someone else gets it Saying that one a lot are their money the bones or the worms and so are the worms but there anywhere. They're examining these bones and they find the strange yellow substances. Yes so molterer. It's going to introduce this idea of like strange dancing. Brown mountains of the browns is where we're going to going to north carolina. I think and there's something brown mountain lights which is actually a thing if you look it up over like ghost lights nearby mountain north carolina and i looked it up and it's like basically like in the started publishing references to this like since the early nineteen hundreds and in i guess nineteen twenty two. This guy basically proved that the lights were being that they were being seen were trains and car headlights and brushfires okay. But but were they metabolic. Mimic aurora borealis. Or having the in the early nineteen hundred. It's like people saw stuff like that. They couldn't explain it right and so they were like. Oh those must be aliens like it's like you know it's something that was pretty common. I guess true that moulders going to hearken back to that poor. Richard's almanac says things like all right. It's gotta be a ufo. Yeah scully's like basically like you know the the bones only took three days to degrade that clearly isn't natural zero. Something alien here is just like. Can you just for once taking autumn's razor out of your drawer like do the simplest explanation for once but moulder yay shoots right back at her pretty meta here in sixty years. How often have i been wrong. And he's not wrong. I mean he often points out. At least i would do you know. In any average x-files episode moulder is going to be more correct than scully. I would not say he always his initial theories always the one hundred percent. Correct one But he provides some big mythological things going calendars with no moulder. It's usually this scientist how we got here. But it's almost always what happens or at least some moore closer to the paranormal. That is the simplest explanation but anyway. Yeah he is convinced. These brown lights but scully's hanging out with Coroner coroner who is played by jim beaver. Who is the dad on supernatural. Okay and a the data. The two boys the boys he also was somebody in deadwood. I've never seen it. So we'll it sam and dean

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