How to Achieve Extraordinary Results When Building Your Brand


Welcome to digital conversations. I am your host billy bateman and today i'm joined by a man that needs no introduction. Cmo gong. Would you let booting you doing today. I'm great to be here. Yeah yeah man really excited to have you and In have this conversation so before we get into it you know for those. That don't know you mind. Just introducing yourself and tell them a little bit about gong. They don't know what gong is sure. So i'm rudy as said on the chief officer chief marketing officer at this is my fifth time leading marketing team for a tech company figures companies of our public and Contact this is my third time working with my currency yo ben-dov so we work together across three. Different companies was all by south. Salesforce was Influences and gone is probably not going to be bought by anyone. Because we're waiting for that Gone is revenue intelligence platform that unlocks reality to help people in companies achieve their full Whether it sales teams marketing teams product teams has were success teams week. We help. everyone has anything to do with revenue. Yeah you guys do a great job. The first time i heard about gone my brother's a sales rep at sas company. And he is asking me what what tools are you using. He's like well they just got this. This gong thing like a month ago and i. I was a little skeptical. But he's a really good. It's helped my calls quite a bit. So at a typical response we get some companies reps initially a little Don't know my boss uses against new york. Listen everywhere. I say but it's really meant for them. It's what have to enter notes that their calls so they listen other reps calls and learn from them so they can go back and see what the customer or shared their calls with the customer asks for feedback and get help companies who are really allow helping the rep succeed and turn some of the struggling ones into fantastic once gonna get a ton of value out of

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